Text Box: Sarva Saksharatha Seva (Computer Literacy Program) is started its service towards the society. We are working to spread the awareness of the computer education necessity to the society by the providing affiliations with collages, schools, computer training institutes, and many ways. Further generations in the world are very fast technology ,developments. So in India we must prepare and be aware of the needed technology. 
In our daily life computers are mandatory, and we are using, the kind of demand in the future what generally we can expect. That’s is the reason why “SSST” is taking initiative towards the development of the society, with the help of people to develop the literacy of computers.      
Perceiving education as the only tool to evolve mankind at all levels of social existence, we’ve embarked upon a Literary Mission in India. Since technology is the lifeblood of every   individual. Such as Unemployed, Employed, Women, Businessmen, Industrialist, agriculturist and workers should learn computer. There is No age bar or restriction to learn Computer.   
Quality Education
We are into the Program of Technology by way of giving Quality Knowledge of Computer Education in the modern world, which is highly competitive world. 
Study Material 
Advanced Study Materials are provided in such a manner, which is easy to understand by each and every one in our institution. Advanced teaching Tutorial materials, and Program Book guide.    
Personality development program
A program to prepare the Students to face the ever challenging job industry Confidently.   
Extra Practical Hours
We believe in the saying "Practice leads Man to Perfection". So we provide additional Practical Hours to ensure that the Students practical experience are more applicable what we teach theoretically.