Text Box: Information Technology is the fastest growing industry in todays world . Information Technology is the future which will change every face of Human existence. To produce professionals in the field of IT Technology requrires high quality competence. In this regard the Government also gives the slogan information technology for every one.  Due to which we are capable taking any information within seconds through computer. It is the institute willing to invent with the changing times. Sarva Saksharatha Seva Mission is an autonomous institution  spreading literacy allover the country. The mission is to ensure that more students can become self motivated to move forward to a greater professional and set examples to their younger generations. 
In continuation of the mission and service to the nation is the prime goal of providing quality IT education and meeting the need for the skilled professionals. Every one in the society that is lower and middle class as to access to this mission and contributing making a peaceful society. we are sure that our students can get enough knowledge to face any demand and challenges that an employer may have on them. Hope the successes will not be for away I wish for the greater success and the bright future for better tomorrow.